Following are 47 objective type questions from Kerala history. Most of them are frequently asked in various PSC examinations.

01. Birth place of Ezhuthachan is at : Thunchanparambu in Tirur (Malappuram District)

02. Dutch East India Company was established in : A.D. 1592

03. Father of Malayalm Language : Ezhuthachan

04. Fifth & Last visit of Gandhiji was in : January 13, 1937

05. First Book in Malayalam is : Samkshepa Vedartham

06. First Malayalam Dictionery was compiled by : Dr.Herman Gundart from Germany

07. First Mamankom was held in : A.D. 829

08. First Pazhassi Revolution was held in : A.D. 1793

09. How many times Gandhiji visited Kerala : Five Times

10. Huang Tsang a Chinese Traveler visited Kerala in : A.D. 630

11. Italiam Traveller Marco Polo visited Kerala in : A.D. 1292

12. Jews migrated to Kerala in :A.D. 68

13. Kollam Era began in : A.D. 825, August 15th

14. Kollam Era is also Known as : Malayalam Era

15. Kundara Proclamation was made by Veluthampi in the year : A.D. 1809

16. Land Revenue was introduced in Kochi in the Year : A.D. 1761

17. Last Mamankom was held in : A.D. 1755

18. Mahodayapuram was the Capital of : Kulasekharas

19. Malabar district became a province of Madras Presidency in : A.D. 1800

20. Malayalam Reaserch Centre at : Tirur

21. Mamankom held during the reign of Samoothiri of Kozhikode at : Thirunavaya in Malappuram Districts

22. Name of the battele which shattered the hope of the Dutch to establish their political power in India : Battle of Kulachal

23. Name of the Chinese Traveler who visited Kerala in A.D. 1409 : Mahuvan

24. Name of the Ship in which Vascoda Gama came : Saint Gabriel

25. 'Narayaneeyam' is written by :Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri

26. Nicolo Kondy European Traveler visted Kerala in : A.D. 1440

27. Philosophy of Advaita is developed by : Sankaracharya

28. Samkshepa Vedartham is written by : Clement Piyanus Pathiri in A.D. 1772

29. St. Thomas came to Kerala in : A.D.52

30. St. Thomas established the first Christian church at : Kodungalloor

31. The book The Career and Legend of Vascoda Gama is written by : Sanjay Subrahmanyam

32. The Capital City of Venad Kingdom was : Kollam

33. The emperor of Kulasekhara Kingdom was know as : Perumal

34. The Farook town was set up by Tippu in : A.D. 1788

35. The First Europeans to come to Kerala (India) was : The Portuguese

36. The first Jewish Synagogue in Kerala was set up at : Kodungalloor in 1350

37. The only Muslim Kingdom in Kerala was the : Arakkal Kingdom

38. The prehistoric people of Kerala belonged to : The Negroto race

39. Vascoda Gama landed at Kappad in : 20th May, 1498

40. Vascoda Gama second visit to Kappad (Kozhikkode) was in : A.D. 1502

41. Veluthampi Dalava who committed suicide at : Mannadi

42. When did Gandhiji visit Kerala for the first time : August 18, 1920

43. Who established the Chala Bazar in Thiruvanathapuram : Raja Kesavadas

44. Who was know as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala) : Pazhassi Raja

45. Who was the first Britisher to come to Kerala : Captain Keeling

46. Who was the first Portuguese viceroy in Kerala : De Almeida, A.D. 1505

47. Who was the head of the military force of Samoothiri of Kozhikode : Kunjali Marakkar

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